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You need to be a regular cyclist.


You don’t need to be a competitive cyclist.


You want to be challenged. 132km and 1950m of climb.


This is NOT a race. We aim for a pace that allows for conversation and banter.


You should be regularly riding at least twice a fortnight to twice a week. 30-60km at a time with some climb. If you are at the minimum then ramping up before RideBeyondFive will ensure that you enjoy the challenge. If required there will be A and B pelotons.


The event average speed on-bike is 24 km/h which is easily achievable for a generally fit regular amateur cyclist. Other than on hills, you can sit-on in the peloton and let the muscle riders do the work.


There are five 200m climbs. Average gradients are 4-5%. Apart from the usual pinches, the climbs are pleasant, sustained 20-30 min affairs. Expected total moving time is not more than 6 hours. There will be about 90 min off the bike for a total time of 7.5 hours. 


RideBeyondFive can be viewed as four discrete 90 min sections with three identified rest stops where there will be food, drink and toilets giving ample time for a decent refuel.


If you have any questions or concerns about the ride please don’t hesitate to contact Trevor:


Mobile: 0409 883114